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Our Approach

In-School Based Mentoring

1Nation provides In-School based mentoring for youth ranging from 5th grade through High school.   


1Nation targets building Self Identity, Unity amongst peers, and Character development.

Out of School Time Mentoring 

1Nation Mentoring provides out-of-school time structured activities while providing academic support, personal accountability and empowerment workshops.  


1Nation believes that those with better life skills are better equipped to make the right choices in life.  

Summer Enrichment/Exposure

1Nation provides a 6-8 week long summer enrichment opportunities that strengthens Workforce Readiness skills, exposes youth to Cultural trips and events and allows youth to experience college atmospheres first hand. 

The approach 1Nation  uses is aggregated into three phases: Relationship Establishment, Information Exchange, and Implementation Methods.  The program utilizes exercises that promote trust in the facilitator and the environment. 


After this phase, information around culture and academics is delivered. 


The third phase includes opportunity for implementation of shared strategies and those developed by program participants.

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